Khalil Gibran And I~ Ungrateful



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    Author: Cindy Baker

    12 thoughts on “Khalil Gibran And I~ Ungrateful”

    1. I love it! And it’s true that we can be grateful for lessons learned and good things that come of bad things but we don’t necessarily have to give thanks to the bad thing itself. We can express gratitude but to nothing or no one in particular. For example, I often hear people say abusive/neglectful parents who abandoned or seriously hurt their children do not deserve gratitude. But someone who has/had a parent like that can still give thanks for the life itself that the parent has blessed the child with, without praising the parent. When I receive thought-provoking but rude comments on social media or encounter rude customers at work, I’m still thankful for what it teaches me even though it’s hard to feel gratitude for the rudeness or person being rude. I absolutely love Khalil Gibran’s quotes!!


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